Back from our hols and back to the garden

Hi everyone

Sorry for the delay in posting but we had a little holiday away and are now getting back into the swing of things. You know what the wash pile is like after a jolly holiday xx

So a few jobs got tackled here at the homestead ready for next year and any seedling growing we can get started from home to be transported to the plot.


Our lovely bargains from Wilkos all put up and anchored to the wall courtesy of the hubby who pipe clipped them all in place. The wind wont be able to move these bad boys.

In them at the moment we have some pepper plants in the 2nd house, and in the first I have my Mint, some newly sewn parsley as the old one passed away on holiday, and also some rocket for my salads.


Yay for growing things.

Not alot has happend on th allotment front this week unfortunately. We have been decorating parts of the homestead too this week, so most of the gardening will be done in these little houses until they can go into the ground at the plot.

We are also on the hunt for a shed, either second hand or very well priced as we have nowhere to put anything at the plot currently and are relying on the extremly kind neibours who are lending us bits and pieces to get started.

It doesnt help when your transport to the plot which is half an hour away on foot and about 10-15 mins on bike is this


Yes, in true eco fashion we bike to the plot as a family.

Lets hope a shed turns up soon and things will continue x

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