Allotment bargains from Wilko

Saturday we planned to leave the Allotment work for the day as it was my first Saturday off in a while. Instead I took a trip into town to do some shopping and look what me and the hubby found on our travels. I work in Wilko so its only natural I get a few goodies here and there but this time it was completly accidental.   We got 3 mini greenhouses at the pricley some of £1.85 2 packs of garden netting at 50p a box 2 propergators at 85p each water sprayer at 85p 10

Burning of the weeds part one

Today hubby and the son went down to the lottie to burn some of the hundreds of weeds and grass we managed to get up the other day. Its been really humid here all day, and we are watching the weather as its expecting thunderstorms on Saturday. Typical as i'm day off and would have liked to get stuck in with the lottie help, but nevermind. So heres a few pictures from todays work.   It looks a lot clearer now, but there is still so much too do.

A new start

Hello and welcome to our family blog. July 16th 2014 we became the proud tenants of our very first allotment. Its half an allotment, not a full size but Im told its still very sizable and an ideal size for just the 3 of us to run. Our family consists of 3 members My husband Mike, the chief planner, worker and the one going to be spending a large amount of time on the plot and dad. Me, Sammy, the organizer, worrier, keen to learn student and fruit loving mum. Lastly is our son Jack,