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Mermaid Wave Scarf free knitting pattern

Knitting away on my lap

Id like to share with you my latest finished project, and to everyone’s amazement its actually something for me. Behold the awesome beauty of the Mermaid wave scarf Isnt it pretty? Its in a tardis blue through to a teal blue/aqua. Its gorgeous, its snuggly, and it goes round me twice. I have had this on today and already had ... Read More »

Beating back the winter cold

Vegetable Soup

Its been terribly cold and wet these last few days, and I’ve been looking at ways to keep warm and keep to my slimming world plan. Its all to tempting to grab a hot chocolate with marshmallows or a special frothy cappuccino latte do dah from Costa while in town. But I’ve promised myself no reckless spending. After making a ... Read More »

Onion Sets and very important equipment


Today I managed to pick up some vital and very important pieces of equipment for the Allotment and what may guarantee our success down there. May I introduce, our new kettle I also managed to snag some milk pots from our local B&M for 39p a pack, ideal for our cuppas. I also found some winter onion sets at work, ... Read More »